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From what age can I carry the baby in baby carrier?

With a suitable baby carrier, you can carry the baby from the first day of life. You probably won’t need it, unless you get out of motherhood after the first day and want to walk home, but it’s good to know you can carry your baby whenever you need to.

Choose a system of behavior appropriate to his age and enjoy it together. For recommendations by age, visit the recommendations page.

How long can I wear the baby in sling / wrap / etc?

There is no time limit imposed by the bearing system itself. A newborn will want to be fed for up to several hours and will need to change his or her diaper at least as often. We recommend that you always bear the baby, being careful about its signals.

Can I carry the baby in the summer when it is very hot?

Sure! I recommend this article from the old blog for more details.

Can I carry the baby in winter, when it is very cold, or in the rain?

Absolute! For winter, rain or snow we recommend winter protections. They are waterproof and windproof and fit over any type of baby carrier. If it is not very cold outside, you can wear the protection instead of the baby jacket.

About the position of the child in the carrier

Breathe in there?

When you properly use a baby carrier suitable for his or her age, the baby breathes perfectly. In principle, you must pay attention to three things:
– the baby’s head needs to be supported easily, not immobilized. So gently lift the sling over the child’s head, but not above the ear, or put one side of the wrap over half the head, do not cover it completely. Always the baby’s face must be visible!
-When talking about a newborn, make sure that at least two fingers are placed between the chin and his chest. This applies not only when you carry it, but also in a stroller, trolley or car shell.
– always have airflow near the baby’s face. We know the temptation is great, but the baby needs fresh air. Do not cover his face when wearing it, or when he is in a stroller, trolley or shell.

Why not just keep him inclined?

The most healthy position for the newborn is in the arms of the mother. Which, instinctively, is one with the baby upright. In addition, if the baby needs to wiggle or regurgitate, you may not wake him up for that. As long as the baby’s back is properly supported, you can wear it quietly and upright.

Why should he stand with his legs so far apart?

The baby’s feet should be in that position for which he is ready. The position in a carrier should be the same as it has in your arms, the only difference being that it will be supported by the material instead of your hands.

How safe is a baby carrier for the baby’s back?

Used properly, a sling or wrap provides optimal support for the baby’s back. The material is tensioned all over the child’s back, giving him at least the same support as when you hold him in his arms, and letting him “stay in the bottom”.

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